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Atlanta Sound Bath Meditation

What is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath is a meditative practice where a practitioner plays various instruments such a singing bowls to bathe your body in sound. The vibrations from the bowls can have profound effects on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state. Atlanta Meditation Center hosts sound baths regularly so check our schedule to see when you can join us!

Atlanta Sound Bath Meditation

Sound can be a very powerful healer. For millennia, people have used metal and crystal bowls to create sound. By mixing the pure tone of each bowl, even more frequencies can be produced. Meditating while listening to and experiencing the different frequencies of the bowls allows our minds to clear and for us to "drop in" much more quickly. 

The term "sound bath" is considered a bit more "new age" but the actual practice can be traced back thousands of years and to many different traditions. The act of using sound in a meditation is seen in chanting mantras, using singing bowls, or even simply chanting om at the end of a yoga class. Sound is very healing and can have profound effects on your physical body, emotional awareness, and mental peace.

Sound Bowl Meditation Atlanta
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Singing Bowl Atlanta

Sound Bowl Meditation

Sound Baths can include many different instruments from gongs to bowls to rain drums. Most people who meditate, or who are at least thinking about trying it, imagine that meditation includes sitting quietly with your eyes closed focusing on your breathing or a mantra. Meditating this way is very effective and can profoundly change your life. It often takes a while, though, for your thoughts to calm down enough to access the deeper part of your mind and reap the many tremendous benefits meditation has to offer. Listening to sound bowls while meditating offers a much faster way to calm the mind and get to a deeper state of meditation, meaning you get more time with your subconscious mind.

Sound bowls are usually made from Crystal or metal and played with a soft wooden mallet of some kind. Their tone is pure and clear when played correctly. The participants lay on their back on the ground. Each bowl is often associated with a chakra or certain energetic frequency. The practitioner plays each bowl to shift your energy in a specific way. The bowls are not played in any kind of rhythmic way or in any particular order as the goal is not to allow the participants to hook onto any kind of melody with their minds. Instead, the participants are gently guided with each bowl to become more and more present. Presence allows the mind to forget the shame or guilt from the past and anxiety from the future. This is the goal of most meditative practices.

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