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Kundalini Yoga in Atlanta

Enhancing Awareness Through Kundalini Energy

Join the Atlanta Meditation Center's Kundalini Yoga Class in Atlanta, Georgia, and begin the journey toward getting to know your infinite self. Cultivating Kundalini Energy awakens your mind, body, and spirit. Energize your physical body to feel younger and healthier. Clear your mind to see what is truly important to you. Connect with your sub and super-conscious mind. Kundalini Yoga has been scientifically shown to increase the feel-good hormone, serotonin, in the brain and nervous system. 

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Atlanta Kundalini Yoga with Ashley

At the Atlanta Meditation Center, our kundalini yoga class is taught by Ashley, one of our senior yoga and meditation instructors. Ashley is supremely gifted in holding space for everyone in her class regardless of whether they just finished a month-long yoga retreat or they are running late in Atlanta traffic. She is able to guide everyone in the class through a kundalini awakening in their body, mind, and spirit. 

Gong Bath Atlanta

Gong Bath Atlanta

The Atlanta Meditation Center is the only meditation and yoga studio in Atlanta offering regular Gong-based sound baths. All gong baths are sound baths, but not all sound baths are gong baths. The gong is an ancient and powerful healing instrument that can be used in a sound bath. Gongs can be used as part of a sound bath or, when they are the only instrument used in the healing, a gong bath. Surprisingly, a gong is able to make many different tones and vibrations. During the gong bath, Ashley uses the different tones of the gong to help her students find deep relaxation and connection with their inner self. She hosts sound baths monthly and utilizes her gong in every one of her Kundalini Yoga classes.

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