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Atlanta Meditation Center Instructors


All of the instructors at the Atlanta Meditation Center are heart centered and service focused, ready to guide you into the depths of your soul and heal your subconscious mind. 


Teresa Bollinger

 ATL Meditation Center Founder

Yoga Nidra Facilitator

Yoga Therapy Instructor

Breathwork Facilitator

Yoga Teacher

I believe that yoga is connecting the body, mind, and spirit through breath. I developed a great passion for yoga during my own personal healing journey. The passion I cultivated allows me to connect on a spiritual level and energetically transmit the teachings of yoga. I love to help people reduce the effects of stress in their lives. Tension and stress is just a part of life in today’s world. It is our response to that stress that determines the quality of our life. The practice of yoga nidra allowed me change the way I feel about stress.

In my classes I use physical poses and breath to dive deeper and deeper into the meditative state as we move through the class. The absolute best is when I get to facilitate Yoga Nidra after the physical practice. This powerful combination of practice allows you to get a full body workout and then go into a deep meditation that comes with ease.

I have multiple certifications in Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy and Integral Breath. I also experienced Prana Awakening, studied Ayurveda and traveled throughout India promoting the spiritual aspects of yoga.

Ashley Headshot.png

Ashley Grant

Breathwork, movement, and meditation in this dynamic combo create waves of deeper connection to places we may never get to explore in our daily lives. By creating the safe space to do so and igniting all seven energy centers of the body-mind, the shaking up of this class will leave you elevated, open, and feeling clear of possible blockages that have been holding you back. Explore, open, and ascend in this pranayama sequence.

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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